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Since early 2020, the drive thru has overwhelmingly been the preferred order pickup experience for quick service restaurant guests, generating $8.3 billion in revenue in March 2020, up $300 million from the previous year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for an efficient digital drive thru in order to deliver on the key value points that restaurant guests expect. This whitepaper explores the important aspects of implementing a successful digital drive thru experience. 

    You'll get insights into:


    • Site structure: a vital, but time consuming, part of the design process
    • Content strategy: a goal-driven element directly impacting success
    • Site readiness: cross-team coordination for successful implementation and limited down time
    • Personalization: optimized guest experience down to one-to-one messaging and promotion
    • Technology partnership: working together on strategy through implementation and continued success


    STRATACACHE is the trusted leader in QSR technology, powering 650,000+ digital menu boards globally.