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technology acceleration in a post-covid world 

From the drive thru to curbside and the front counter, QSR and fast casual restaurants are seeking to transform the guest experience with AI-driven ordering options and seamless order fulfillment. STRATACACHE new webinar series will explore the digital QSR platform and how it drives the new guest experience. 


Our webinar series takes a deep dive into technology trends transforming the way restaurants engage with their guests. Request the recordings today!

  • QSR as a Holistic Platform - Acceleration
    During COVID 

    Your guests demand an easy-to-use experience and back of the house employees need easy-to-use operational efficiencies. With a rush of new transaction points inside and outside of the restaurant, it’s time to approach restaurant technology as a holistic platform. Your guest loyalty depends on it. Join us for a discussion about the possibilities with these platforms and where the industry is headed.
  • Building the Drive Thru of Tomorrow, Today: Design and Construction Considerations
    Drive-thru has always been a significant portion of the industry’s business, with as much as 70% of revenue generated in drive thru lanes, and we’ve only become more dependent on it. Drive-thru success begins with the physical layout and design. Join us for a discussion with a leading design and deployment partner who is building drive-thrus today for the experience of tomorrow. 
    Guest Panelist: Greg Moroz, Sevan Multi-Site Solutions
  • Building the Drive Thru of Tomorrow, Today: Implementing Suggestive Selling and AI
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a fancy phrase, it’s the key to unlocking hidden profit in your drive-thru and operations, promoting a deeper loyalty experience across other transaction points. Join us as we discuss the impact suggestive selling and AI will have on drive thru ordering, efficiencies, loyalty and ultimately, success. 
    Guest Panelist: Ben Reynolds, Walkbase

Part two of the series will continue in May 2021 and cover topics related to curbside delivery and maximizing your investment in digital menu boards to drive performance and loyalty programs. 


Our series panelists will be joined by subject matter experts weekly, and include: 

Cory Kiesel

Vertical Practice Director, Restaurants


Manolo Almagro

Managing Director
Q Division

Ben Gauthier
Technology & Commerce Partner
Q Division