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As consumers continue to return to in-person shopping, customer loyalty is top of retailers’ minds. Retail TouchPoints, leaders in the latest news and trend reporting for retail executives, explores how retailers need to reconnect with shoppers, and the strategies, solutions and data around what shopper loyalty truly means. 

As a result, retailers are rethinking loyalty from the point of data collection to the moment it powers an interaction.
Within the report, STRATACACHE CEO, Chris Riegel, contributes his insights on FIVE key factors of winning modern shoppers' loyalty:
    • Shoppers are highly predictable and highly visual
    • Consumers will spend more for a good experience
    • AI has spread into everyday life and business
    • Self-service and automation are vital moving forward
    • Intelligent display messaging should be customized based on situational awareness

    STRATACACHE is the trusted leader in retail technology, providing solutions for 7 of the top 10 retailers globally.